Mark Trustin

Mark Trustin

Mark Trustin

Volunteer Coach

Mark Trustin is an attorney with more than thirty years of experience in the practice of civil and criminal trial law. He has devoted himself to the representation of students in the public school system who are denied required services and whose constitutional rights are violated. Mark and his wife, Dr. Marcia Angle, are socially, politically, and philanthropically active in the areas of education, social justice, and the environment.

Mark loves tennis and volunteering with EMPACT.

“I began playing at about age 12. I didn’t receive coaching until many years later. I have always loved the game for its athleticism and my pursuit of attaining a high level of proficiency and consistency. both of these still allude me, but, nearing 70 years old, I keep trying. Watching and helping others learn a game I love is uplifting.”

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