Private & Small Group Lessons

Ideal for kids starting out or improving their tennis skills.

They will receive focused personal attention from an instructor so they can truly learn at their own pace. This format allows the EMPACT instructor to create tailored lesson plans, that focus on exactly what your youth athlete needs to work on most. Private and small group lessons can also be scheduled at a time that works best for your family’s schedule.

Whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis players, this is a great option that yields a quick path to growth and development with their tennis game.

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Have FUN learning with EMPACT

Whether you are taking private lessons or clinics we guarantee you will learn fundamental tennis skills, improve your game, get great exercise and have FUN!
Enjoy a sport you will love for a lifetime

Racket sports are terrific means of exercise, improving your overall health, boosting your happiness, and allowing years upon years of PLAY!

Start your journey today!

Book your FREE lesson and your EMPACT pro will create lesson and clinic experiences specific to your level of play.

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